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Time-Space Doorways: Notes on Some Experimental
Time-Space Portal Projects Around the World
aka Space Wormhole, Time Wormholes, Time Portals or Space Portals

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The purpose of this page is to provide some background information on some experimental time-space portal projects which are underway around the world, and to provide some periodic updates on at least some of the projects, when and where possible. More recent updates will appear in sections immediately below this one on this page. The first section immediately below will offer some background on such projects, along with some overview and summary information on each project, while later sections, which will appear below it, will offer updates.

For updates on Vinny's experimental time-space portal project, please click here. To go to the Time-Space Doorways website home page, please click here. For info on experimental time-space portal projects around the world which are underway and developed by people other than Vinny, keep reading below.

Background, Overview and Summary Information on Some Portal Projects
Report date: May 26, 2008

The two time-space portal projects, aka Stargate devices, about which I have shared the most information and updates in the past on my relevant email list groups, and particularly on my Time Space Doorway list group have been two projects created by fellow researchers who live in the Rocky Mountain region of the USA. One of my colleagues who has been developing such a device is Danae Harding of Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek; you may find a link to their website elsewhere on this page), who lives in a rural area of eastern Colorado, and the other device, somewhat similar in some regards is being developed in an extremely rural area along the UT/NV border by a colleague who is a rather reclusive and private person, and whom I will call by the name of Andrea. I have promised each of these persons to keep certain details about them, their projects and their technology confidential and proprietary, and thus, whenever you read my reports or my news updates on my Time Space Doorway list group or on this website about these projects, you may encounter more than a little ambiguity or fuzziness at times in my reportage, and you also may, at times, find me deliberately sharing generalized information which is largely common to both projects, with some blurring as to which precise detail or fact belongs to which project. Any such ambiguity, blurring or fuzziness that you may notice is deliberate, done intentionally to help preserve the privacy of the researchers and the proprietary nature of their work. They (along with a third colleague who is developing a similar portal technology in the Ukraine, and along with two newly-emerged East Coast researchers who have nascent projects in this realm) have each requested, for some very good reasons, that I protect their privacy as well as some details of their technologies.
The technology used in each of the two aforementioned projects in the Rocky Mountains is rather similar, at least to some extent, in that each device is rather large, has been erected outdoors, and employs a wood frame or a wood/fiberglass/plastic frame, and each project employs a large sphere within a pyramidal frame, along with various large exotic coils and one or more large skeletal geometric structures such as tetrahedrons or similar geometric shapes. Another similarity is that both of these fringe science researchers assert that the vast majority of the technical guidance for their projects came from Holy Spirit, aka Divinity (as we might expect, each researcher has their own unique terms for this kind of divine guidance.) Interestingly, a third researcher whom I know, this one in the Ukraine, who has also been developing a space-time portal technology (albeit a rather different embodiment than the two devices under development in the Rockies) has also advised me that the technology comes entirely from divine guidance. This interesting fact about all three projects and researchers resonates deeply for me, as those who know me are aware that I have long stated that all of the designs for the various esoteric technologies that I have developed in the realms of strange science, subquantum effects, exotic energies, etc., have been given to me directly by what I call Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart, along with guidance from my angels.
So, we have seen that there are some similarities between the two projects that are underway in the Rockies. However, in addition to the fact that the two devices are located over 600 miles apart, there are also some significant differences between the projects, including the way in which "steering" or navigation is accomplished, the way in which the devices are powered or "charged" (i.e., the power source and type), and, perhaps most importantly, there are significant differences in the purpose of each project. While the purpose of Danae's device, which she often calls a Stargate or Celestial Navigator, is to facilitate and assist remote viewing (sometimes called Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) or Associative Remote Viewing (ARV)) in time, space and alternate dimensional worlds, the explicit purpose of the technology being developed by Andrea (and also that as well of a third portal technology being developed by a colleague in the Ukraine) is to allow not only remote viewing, but to actually allow the operator to physically travel in space (i.e., within our time-space world), in alternate or parallel (aka sideways) dimensional worlds, and in time.
More Details on Danae's Stargate/Celestial Navigator
The device, which incorporates many principles and techniques which are described in the field of sacred geometry, is constructed outdoors, largely because of its size, measures about 25 feet tall and measures about 20 feet on each side, and the project so far has apparently consumed at least a few thousand dollars in component and fabrication costs. It consists of a large skeletal metallic sphere mounted on insulators within a pyramidal frame, and these two nested shapes rest on an elevated platform, towering above all the other components, and it also incorporates two "ley line ground wires", with one running to a ground rod/plate inserted in a nearby negative ley line and another running to a ground rod/plate inserted in a positive ley line (by the way, some folks divide Ley lines, based upon characteristics into "female" and "male" types instead of negative and positive types.) The device also employs two large tetrahedral shapes, constructed largely of austenitic stainless steel tubing, which were each designed based upon principles and dimensions obtained from sacred geometry. One tetrahedron is larger than the other, and the smaller tetrahedron is actually located inside the larger one, and each, when the device is powered up, are able to turn with relation to the other and in relation to the outside frame of reference.
My understanding is that the purpose of the device is to allow an operator to stand or sit inside the spherical skeletal frame within the pyramid frame, located on the top platform of the wooden frame, and, when the device is properly adjusted, it is Danae's belief that the device will allow a skilled operator to perform remote viewing into other places in time, space and dimensional worlds, with an ease and acuity literally hundreds of times greater than at all possible under normal circumstances (that is, under circumstances and settings found outside the device, in the "real world").
Danae has also provided me with some photos of her device, and I have posted some of them to the Photos area of my Time Space Doorway list group – now at my Forbidden Science (VP) list group at due to the downscaling of Yahoo Groups in October, 2019. At one time, I had posted any of several different sets of photos of this device and similar devices at different times to the Photos area of my Exotic-Energies list group, but, with the advent of this Time Space Doorway list group, I removed all photos of portal device projects from the Exotic-Energies list group home page, and in their stead, posted some select photos of Danae's device only (at least at this point in time, in late May 2008) to the Photos area of the home page of my Time Space Doorway list group at Yahoo Groups
– now at my Forbidden Science (VP) list group at due to the downscaling of Yahoo Groups in October, 2019. 

For more information on Danae Harding/Ancient Tek products or for information on ordering their products, please see their Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek) website.

More Details on Andrea's Traveler/Stargate/Wormhole
I have already given some common design basics for both Danae's Stargate/Navigator device (described in more detail above) and for Andrea's Traveler device (which she also calls a Navigator device and also references it at times as a Wormhole device
aka Time Portal, Time Wormhole, Space Portal or Space Wormhole.) Here are some further details about Andrea's device, illustrating particularly some differences from Danae's instantiation of the technology. Much as I have referenced earlier, Andrea's Traveler/Wormhole device also employs a skeletal sphere located within a pyramidal frame, but this assembly is somewhat smaller, some other components of the device are rather different than in Danae's version, and the entire device stands somewhat taller than the approximate 25 foot height of Danae's Stargate device. Andrea's version, apparently because it is designed to allow persons to physically travel in time and space, seems to pay far greater attention to the power source, and employs a rather massive and complex exotic energy generator which acts as a power source and driver for the device. Incidentally, much as we have seen with Danae's device, this device also seems to employ "ground wires" running to ley line points, but this version of the technology seems to involve far more than the two ley line leads employed in Danae's device.

According to the inventor/developer and also according to the intuitives, psychics, seers, scientists and engineers who have assisted her with the design and construction of the device, Andrea's Traveler/Navigator/Wormhole device was designed to allow skilled operator beings to travel anywhere in the universe and also in alternate/parallel dimensions, and, I have been informed that the inventor and her advisors believe that the device will allow one to travel physically (that is, in the body) anywhere in our universe, and also backward or forward in time by at least 10,000 years in either direction. Ordinarily, I would be EXTREMELY skeptical at this point after hearing such an assertion from an inventor, but the inventor/builder and her team already have some very impressive and proven inventions and technologies to their credit, and thus I am willing to consider anything which she and her team come up with as at least somewhat plausible and possible. So, I am willing to wait and watch and see, rather than pass premature judgment!

One more facet of Andrea's device is that it also contains a large metal-framed octahedron at ground level. Danae's device also contains a metal-frame octahedron, but in Danae's version, it extends below ground level into a hollow excavated in the ground. I get the impression that a person who intends to be physically transported by Andrea's Traveler/Navigator device must be located inside the above-mentioned sphere, which seems to have a doorway-like opening that allows personnel to enter it, and apparently, anyone or anything which is to be inside the sphere when the device is powered up must first be screened to ensure that they contain no ferrous (i.e., ferromagnetic) metals.

Apparently one of the key components of at least some versions of Andrea's device is a plexiglass circuit board and control board measuring about four feet by four feet on each side and almost four feet thick, and it consists of electronic components and a number of crystals and semi-precious gemstones mounted along with wire-frame geometric shapes in precise and exotic geometries, some of the crystals and stones form a mandala which the inventor and her advisors feel is key to the performance of the device. Apparently some of the crystals are excited by a transducer driven by a keyboard synthesizer and an audio amplifier system; the keyboard is employed to generate specific sacred tones and complex sacred waveforms. Interestingly, this whole portion of the system bears some marked resemblance to some Bedini and Betar device installations which I visited and examined in the early 1980s, particularly one that I seem to remember (perhaps incorrectly) as John Bedini's version of a pyramidal "healing and relaxation platform" which I encountered in 1984), and I must also note that in the wake of learning of the sound technology used in the Traveler/Navigator device, I have since heard from at least two other portal researchers reports that they too have been experimenting with navigation control boards for their portal technologies which, likewise, employ crystals and shapes along with a waveform generator to create specific frequencies, and including a powerful audio amplifier.

Power Source for the Traveler/Wormhole
I mentioned earlier that the version of the Traveler/Wormhole portal device created by Andrea employs a rather massive exotic energy generator which serves as an etheric energy/orgone energy/telluric energy power source and which is installed some distance from the platform; the energy source is vaguely similar to the etheric energy charging devices which I have been reporting upon on some of my websites at times, and also somewhat similar the Integratron (info at and many other websites) built (but never completed) by George Van Tassel in the 1950s, 60s and 70s in the Mojave Desert, and also somewhat similar to the Cloudbuster orgone devices built by Wilhelm Reich in the Tucson, AZ area in the 1950s. The telluric/etheric energy power source in use to power the Traveler/Navigator device, while far more sophisticated and complex, also bears some similarities to the strange Cosmic Pipe antenna designed by T. Galen Hieronymous in the first half of the 20th century (incidentally, I visited and saw several of these antennas in use in real-world installations on my November 2007 research field trip to Utah and Colorado.)

One Potential Bump Regarding the Traveler/Stargate/Wormhole
Let's pause here to remember that the purpose of Andrea's device, as stated by Andrea and some of her colleagues, is to actually allow a person to physically travel in time, space or to alternate/parallel dimensional worlds. The inventor has indicated to me that the device can be used to open a gateway to anywhere in the universe or in any parallel/alternate dimensional world and will allow a person to physically travel through the portal to the destination. However -- and this is the big catch -- it seems that anyone or anything that goes through the portal cannot return to their starting point (that is, to the Traveler device, located in the mountains near the NV/UT border) unless there is a similar portal-type device present and available to them for their use at their destination place/world/time. Now, unless one were using the device to travel just a few miles (that is, within this world), this factor seems to me to loom as a large drawback so far, unless, for some reason, the device operator were very sure that there was a similar operational portal device present at the destination!
A Few Details on the Ukrainian Portal Device
If you recall, I have referenced briefly above the existence of a third portal project under development as well, this one located in the Ukraine, and I have already revealed that the technology is rather different than that employed in Danae's Stargate/Celestial Navigator device and in Andrea's Traveler/Navigator/Wormhole device. For starters, it appears that the primary technology used in the Ukrainian device is a very large and massive pyramid built of stone, concrete and wood, with cavities or chambers located at carefully chosen points in the interior, and there seems to be at least one additional shape borrowed from the annals of sacred geometry present as well, a large ellipsoidal 3-dimensional structure located near the massive pyramid. So far, I cannot get definitive answers from the creators of the still-under-development Ukrainian device whether it is intended solely to assist or facilitate remote viewing visits to other times and places, or whether the device is actually intended to transport a person physically to such destinations; they have managed to remain comfortably vague on that point to this date!
In Closing
With due respect for the privacy, proprietary interests and requests for confidentiality on the parts of the developers, I will, to the best of my ability, continue to share on my Time Space Doorway list group, and, as is warranted, on this page as well, periodic updates, where possible, on the progress of the two devices under development in the Rockies, on the Ukrainian device, and also on two very much different portal projects of which I am aware on the East Coast of the USA, one of which is actually apparently a resurrection of a very old experimental time-space portal project dating back to the early 1980s -- located in western West Virginia, near the Ohio border. I will also, at times and as possible, issue some reports on my own ongoing time-space portal project, which seems to employ a radically different, and far more compact (but still a bit unwieldy and prone to consume a small chunk of real estate) technology and approach than any of the five projects which I have referenced above.
And, speaking of my own portal projects, allow me to remind you that my first real venture into large (that is, significantly larger than shoebox size) portal technologies was my Divine Grace Charger, aka TIEE (that is, Type I Exotic Energy) charger, the first version/model of which was completed in early 2008, and which, in its fourth model/instantiation, also powered the Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber; that project, started in early 2007, did not reach completion until almost a year later, in April 2008. After
operating continuously 24 hours per day for about 25 months, on March 27, 2010, the Divine Grace Charger and Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber were permanently shutdown.  See posts to my Time Space Doorway List Group for further information.

Much as I have stated before, the Divine Grace technology employed a very stable, focused, coherent and dedicated portal technology, the purpose of which is to access and transduce several types of beneficial exotic energies (including so-called etheric energy or orgone energy) only from several dimensional worlds that I describe as inner dimensions, that is, dimensions "below" our world and near Point Zero. Let me remind you that I have already shared on my list groups, and also particularly on my Etheric Energy website, some significant details and reports, along with photos, on/of the Divine Grace Charger device itself, on the Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber, and on the Divine Grace Sacred Charged water.

Further updates on any of the projects mentioned here -- with the sole exception of my own portal project, which will be the focus of another page on this site -- will be found on this page in the sections immediately below this section. 

June 26, 2008 Updates and Notes
I have received several minor updates on some of the portal projects undergoing development by friends and colleagues, and they appear below. These reports come from the two projects located in the Rocky Mountain area of the USA, and from two projects located in East Coast/Midwest states. I will share the reports in bulleted list form below, and in most cases, without specifying exactly which project/device was responsible for the report; this has been done on purpose to protect the privacy and proprietary nature of each these privately-funded projects and the inventors/developers associated with them. Of course, in the case of one or two of the reports, a few of my readers may be able to guess with some accuracy which project and inventor/developer was associated with the report, depending upon how much you already know about this field! Here is the list of updates and reports:
  • During an early test run of one of the portal devices, there were about seven persons present at the portal site to witness the tests. About halfway through the test run, one woman among the bystanders has reported that she suddenly became aware that a rather small and hunched humanoid-like figure wearing a brownish robe and hood had walked briskly but casually from the area of the device, passing very close to her side, and then continued on into the wooded area marking the edge of the clearing, whereupon he disappeared into the woods. Since something seemed so natural and casual about the "little man's" presence and gait, it was almost two minutes before she suddenly realized that the whole occurrence was very odd and unexplainable by any "normal" means. She quickly consulted with three other persons standing nearby, and discovered that one other person, a woman, had witnessed the same phenomenon and had seen the hooded man pass the first woman in the way she had described.

  • During the early test runs of one of the portal devices in the Rockies, the folks who were building the device and constantly evolving and upgrading it started to notice that massive thunderstorms seemed to start to materialize nearby and quickly migrate to the skies immediately above the device, often creating some wild storms and equally wild lightning displays. This effect seems to have been gradually abating or "relaxing" in the ensuing months, despite the fact that the device is still in place.

  • As I have reported in some venues already, Danae Harding has reported that some kind of field effect from the Stargate device in her backyard seems to be keeping her hair from going gray and is helping to keep it at its original reddish color, and she finds that she no longer needs to be extremely regular and consistent in consuming ormus copper as a nutritional supplement in order to keep her natural hair color, whereas, in the past, in the pre-Stargate days, she found that if she skipped ingesting the ormus copper for more than two weeks, her hair started to go gray.

  • One early "test pilot" for one of the portals, an intuitive and researcher himself, reported to me that after having spent about an hour in the chamber playing with remote viewing experiments, he suddenly realized that for the first time in his life, he had lost all fear and worries and that his mind/body were entirely clear of fear, and he reports that it took many days before he noticed that he was slowly picking up subtle fears once again, from both other people and their words and actions, and also from the "collective unconscious".

  • Despite the fact the one of the devices is still in early testing stages and is not yet considered truly "functional", two of the early "test pilots" who have spent time in the portal chamber/room have reported to me that they experienced very vivid and powerful remote viewing and astral travel-type visions and experiences while standing in the chamber.

  • One researcher who is associated with one of the projects, and who is a researcher and intuitive, reported to me that one day during this past winter as he was walking past the still-under-development-and-testing portal device, he suddenly "felt" that a guide, in the form of a young woman, had exited the portal, approached him, and was walking abreast of him. As he was pondering this distinct but odd impression, he reports that she began to speak to him very clearly on an inner level, explaining that she was a guide sent to guide him over the ensuing months in some of his own (largely non-portal-related) experiments in the realms of ormus, alchemy, exotic energies and dimensional exploration. He reports that although he cannot "see" her in the purely physical realm, he can see her on an inner level, and that she has been largely ever-present as his companion and guide ever since that first encounter in late winter.

  • One researcher has reported to me that she, while using her still-in-testing portal device, had the experience of being transported back to what she experienced as the ancient fabled city-state called Lemuria, where she then had a series of encounters with beings in that place.

  • A researcher closely associated with one of the projects in the East Coast/Midwest states has reported to me that as his device (some leftover technology from a failed 1970s-1980s-era "time tunnel" project) gradually takes form and gets closer to completion, he and his colleagues (and neighbors) are witnessing an ever-increasing number of bizarre anomalous electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic-type events in the quarter-mile region surrounding his shop and test shed, and that the device, although not yet completed, seems at times to somehow trigger various "mood storms", i.e., inexplicable and unexpected emotional states. I personally suspect that he may be witnessing and experiencing some poorly-understood clearing, aka cleansing, aka detox phenomena on an emotional, mental and emotional level, as old suppressed and repressed material starts to emerge under the influence of the exotic energies emanating from his "time-tunnel" type device; this type of cleansing phenomenon is quite common with some forms of acupuncture and energy healing, and also with ingestion of certain types of ormus-like supplements, and also with exposure to certain healing-type exotic energy devices, including my Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber (and this brings to mind the tales that I and others have recently been sharing about our experiences in the chamber.)

For more information on Danae Harding/Ancient Tek products or for information on ordering their products, please see their Ancient Technologies (aka Ancient Tek) website.

For updates on Vinny's experimental time-space portal project, please click here. To go to the Time-Space Doorways website home page, please click here

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